Memberships are $250 per year. With a membership a Coyland Creek member receives 3 free rounds of Clays and 3 free Pheasants and discounted prices for birds and clays year round. Guided bird hunts available for $50 per half day (Guide and Dog) No license is required! 5-Stand, Flurry and Make-A-Break are available upon request!

  • Pheasant & Chucker available in August until March 1st (Later if birds are still available.)
  • Two leagues run throughout the year
Coyland Creek Prices: Member Non-Member
Pheasants (Hen / Rooster Mix) $17 $22
Chuckars $14 $19
Scratch Birds $10 $22
Rounds of Clays (50 Clays) $15 $19
Gun Rental $10 $10

There is no man charge, gun charge or daily membership charge in addition to these costs.
We are closed March 15- March 31st.