The History of Our Event Space in Wisconsin

Mitch grew up on a generational dairy farm which his grandpa called Coyland Farms. Grandpa passed when Mitch was young, and Mitch helped with the work after his dad took over the farm. Although many memories and some strong life lessons were learned at that farm, Mitch realized at a very young age he had no interest in milking cows for the rest of his life. He did, however, love the peaceful country in Coomer, Wisconsin. And he couldn’t picture his life anywhere else.

Mitch loved the outdoors. You could often find him hunting, fishing, trapping, feeding the animals, riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes, and—basically anything outdoors. 

A Versatile Event Space in Wisconsin

Along the way, Coyland Creek expanded. About 2007 guests, locals, and friends started asking if they could hold outdoor weddings, corporate events, graduations, and other events at Coyland Creek. Mitch and Kelsie said yes, but they also knew they needed more space.

As events became a bigger part of their business, they were tired of putting up tents every weekend so they added the outdoor pavilion as a part of their Wisconsin event space in 2008. This would prove to be one of their greatest additions. Now in the spring, summer, and fall, they host weekly events seating up to 300 guests.

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Sporting Clays

As time went on the business continued to grow. They added throwers, new sporting clay courses, and more bird fields. Then they landscaped the old farm pasture into a lush 11-acre mowed grass area with numerous blooming gardens throughout. It has come a long way from the days when you would get those sand burs in that field!

Bunkhouse Kitchen


Guests were coming from farther away and staying longer with us, so they needed a place to lodge. So, we built the 5 bedrooms, 4-bathroom Northwoods Lodge in the spring of 2012. Since then, it has become a sought after venue for offsite events in Wisconsin, and has been enjoyed by many wedding parties, corporate events, hunting parties, family outings, retreats, and conferences. Its versatile layout is sure to make any stay comfortable for all the guests.

Browse and Shop

We have a little bit for everyone at our event space in Wisconsin. In the spring of 2020, we added Coyland Country Market where we sell canned goods, fresh meats, fruits, veggies, fudge and so much more on Friday nights in the summer. 

In 2019 we added The Feather Shed, a woman’s clothing boutique for the better half’s added enjoyment during her visit. We have sold guns and ammo for years, but it has long outgrown the inside of the clubhouse. So Coyland Creek’s latest addition is the gun & ammo shop called Shotgun Willy’s. Our guests love having a place to handle, browse and purchase all their firearm & ammo needs right on site.

Mitch & Kelsie are always adding something fun to the calendar. Whether it is a sporting clays tournament, Gun Bingo, yard game Olympics, youth in the outdoors, or the weekly Country Market, there is always something happening at the event space at Wisconsin’s Coyland Creek. We would love for you to visit!

Coyland Creek Outdoor Sign

Need Lodging?

Stay the night in our comfortable Northwoods Lodge at our venue for on or offsite events in Wisconsin!